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52 HANE was founded in May 2014 by Özden Demir, İlhan Düz and Oral Doğu in Istanbul. The firm continues its practice in İstanbul with a wide range of projects such as offices, cultural and sports centers, housing facilities, interior designs, parks, seafronts, urban layouts and furniture design.

The main principle of the firm is to refer to each projects program, context, budget, and time availability. Each project has its own opportunities and adversities that require specific solutions. In order to reach its goals,the 52 HANE develops every undertaken project around a conceptual framework with the collaboration of engineers, designers, craftsmen and artists.

Both for outputting a precise design and giving the clients the best possible understanding of a project during the design phase, our firm makes extensive use of computer programs from initial designing to managing the site, from solving the smallest detail to visualizing the idea. Physical models are not just used for presentations but as a design tool as well.

52 HANE has carried out national and international projects, working on designs within very diverse contexts, programs and scales, in countries such as Qatar, Iraq and Iran.


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